LaTeX Templates New Box 1

\documentclass[a4paper, oneside]{book}
\tcbuselibrary{theorems, skins, breakable}
empty, breakable,
theorem style=standard,
separator sign={},
extras={frame engine=path},
drop fuzzy shadow,
sharp corners,
attach boxed title to top left={yshift*=-\tcboxedtitleheight},
boxed title style={size=minimal, top=4pt, left=4pt},
after skip=0.5cm, before skip balanced=0.5cm
\newtcbtheorem[number within=chapter]{ejem}{Ejemplo}{
base, coltitle=black,
attach boxed title to top left={xshift=-3mm, yshift*=-\tcboxedtitleheight/2},
boxed title style={right=3pt, bottom=3pt, overlay={
\draw[draw=naranja, fill=naranja, line join=round]
(frame.south west) -- (frame.north west) -- (frame.north east) --
(frame.south east) -- cycle;
overlay unbroken={
\scoped \shade[left color=naranja!10!black, right color=naranja]
([yshift=-0.2pt]title.south west) -- ([xshift=-1.5pt, yshift=-0.2pt]title.south-|frame.west) -- ++(0, -6pt) -- cycle;

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