Tuyển tập code Python hữu ích

Lập trình Python

1. Sử dụng mã QR trong Python

#First Install below Modules
#pip install pyqrcode
#pip install pypng
import pyqrcode
import png

from pyqrcode import QRCode

#String which reprecent The QR Code
s = "www.vniteach.com"

#Generate QR Code
url = pyqrcode.create(s)

#Create Save The Svg File Naming "myqr.svg"
url.svg("myqr.svg", scale = 8)

#Create Save The Png File Naming "myqr.png"
url.png("myqr.png", scale = 6)

2. Youtube Video Downloaded

#pip install pytube
import pytube

link = input("Enter Youtube Video URL: ")
yt = pytube.YouTube(link)

3. Send Email Using Python

import smtplib
from_email = "test@gmail.com"
password = "test123"
text = "Hello World"
to_email = "receipentemail@gmail.com"

connection = smtplib.SMTP("smtp.gmail.com",587)
connection.login(user=from_email, password=password)

connection.sendmail(from_addr= from_email,to_addrs= to_email,msg = text)

4. Tách nền ảnh

from rembg import remove
from PIL import Image
input_path = 'cl.jpg'
output_path = 'output.png'
input = Image.open(input_path)
output = remove(input)

5. Tạo Barcode trong Python

import barcode
from barcode.writer import ImageWriter

#Define content of the barcode as a string
number = input("Enter the code to generate barcode: ")

#Get the required barcode format
barcode_format = barcode.get_barcode_class('upc')

#Generate barcode and render as image
my_barcode = barcode_format(number, writer=ImageWriter())

#Save barcode as PNG


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